My Minimalist Homepage

Nope, there's no stuff about me here. Just a few hardware walkthroughs at the moment. Check back later for even more interesting content!

Pressure Cooker Vacuum Chamber - A walkthrough of making a moderately safe vacuum chamber from a pressure cooker.

PCB Printer - This is a pictoral walkthrough of converting an Epson D78 to have a flat paper path. This allows it to print PCBs (or CDs, EPP foam) directly.

SOIC Socket - This walkthrough covers creating an SOIC socket from scratch, using a PCI socket.

Toner Transfer - Some photos of the results of a toner transfer test

N770 Battery - Replacing the N770 battery with a larger one inside the original case

N770 SD Card slot - Replacing the MobileMMC slot with a full-sized SD slot

Acer Aspire 5739G Bluetooth - Adding a bluetooth card to the Acer Aspire 5739G